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Podcasts are all the rage these days. They have taken the podcast world by storm, and there is no sign of them slowing down anytime soon. But what do you do if you want to promote your podcast? Podcasting isn’t just about promoting yourself but also finding new listeners and engaging with them on social media. And one platform that can help you achieve all of this is Pinterest.

Every podcast episode you record, edit, and create should be promoted as much as possible on different channels to grow your audience. It’s actually surprising how many podcast hosts aren’t using Pinterest as a part of their podcast promotion workflow.

Pinterest for Podcasters

Pinterest is a very visual platform; it is a visual search engine, after all. That visual aspect makes it perfect for creating 3-5 pin design templates that you can easily re-use for each new podcast episode.

Just change the text and photo, and it’s ready to go as a fresh pin on Pinterest! Repurposing makes adding Pinterest to your podcast promotion tasks relatively easy.

Fresh Content

Another massive benefit to using Pinterest and why podcasts are perfect for Pinterest is its fresh content. Pinterest loves fresh pins and fresh content, and if you are publishing a new podcast episode every week or bi-weekly, that’s a unique URL for Pinterest to share with your audience and new audiences.

Do people really discover podcasts on Pinterest?

Yes! Pinterest is visual like we mentioned, but people are also looking for information. That’s why blog posts and podcast episodes can do so wonderfully on the platform. You can reach new audiences, build your subscribers, and ultimately grow your podcast.

Here are a few tips specifically for podcasters using Pinterest:

1) Make sure you claim your domain.

This is important to view all of your analytics and see all of the traffic coming your way. Claiming your domain ensures that it is linked and connected to your Pinterest account if anyone else shares a pin from your domain.

2) Create and link show notes on your website.

When it comes to Pinterest, we want to drive traffic to your website, not directly to your Apple or Spotify episode links. That’s why you need to have show notes for each episode on your website and link your pin designs to that URL.

3) Create 3-5 new pin designs for each episode.

When you create 3-5 pin designs (or save time and use templates!) for each new episode, you also want to space those pins out. Don’t pin them to Pinterest all at once! Because they are all going to the same landing page, that could be seen as spammy. A better practice is to schedule them throughout the month and space them out. I highly recommend using Tailwind for your Pinterest scheduling. Their scheduler and interval scheduling features make it a lot easier to schedule your content to go out when you want.


Hopefully, these tips have helped you brainstorm some ideas on promoting your podcast on Pinterest and incorporating it into your podcast marketing workflow. If you have any questions or want to hand off your Pinterest management entirely, reach out and let’s chat!

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