How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Email List


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How many email subscribers do you have? If you’re like the majority of small businesses, it’s not as high as you would like. Email marketing is a powerful way to grow your customer base and revenue because it provides continuous exposure for your business. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to grow your email list with Pinterest!

Promote Your Opt-in Landing Page:

If you have a standalone landing page for your opt-in freebie or lead magnet, make sure to create several pin designs on a consistent basis to share on Pinterest. You can also use different pin formats to promote your lead magnets – static pins, video pins, and idea pins.

Use Opt-in Popups:

As your Pinterest account grows, you’ll be getting more and more eyes on your website and landing pages. The easiest way to make the most out of this new traffic and get people on your email list is by adding a popup on your website for your email list.

We want to make it as easy as possible for your website visitors to sign up for your email list and become an email subscriber! If you hate popups, you can create a less intrusive popup, like an exit popup that only comes up when someone is about to close out the tab and leave your website.

Add Email Opt-in Forms Within Your Blog Posts:

If you are using blogging as a part of your content marketing strategy and sharing many pins on Pinterest that lead to your blog posts, it’s time to incorporate your email marketing into those posts a bit more. Make sure you have added a relevant email opt-in form within your blog posts to promote your lead magnets and encourage email subscribers.


Pinterest is an excellent tool for growing your email list and getting more people into your email sales funnel. There are so many ways to implement minor tweaks to your website to incorporate email marketing a little more.

Are you using your Pinterest traffic to grow your email list? Hopefully, this post has given you a few extra email marketing tips.

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