Hi there! I’m Susy.

I’m all about helping businesses like yours get seen and loved on Pinterest without all the hassle.

My Pinterest journey kicked off while I was working with this awesome bean-to-bar chocolate maker. That’s where I got to take the reins on their Pinterest account, and, let me tell you, it was a game-changer! I saw firsthand how Pinterest could seriously boost traffic to our shop and make our email list bloom like crazy.

It was like a lightbulb moment for me, seeing all that potential unfold. Since then, I’ve been all in on sharing the Pinterest love, helping businesses get noticed and grow their audience organically. If you’re looking to make some Pinterest magic happen for your biz, I’m your gal. Let’s get your brand buzzing and your email list growing, one pin at a time!

A few of my quirks & joys

Let’s break the ice and bond! I’d love to let you in on what sparks joy in my world.

Berry fanatic: in a berry big love affair with all things berry!

Watercolor wanderer: Getting lost in every hue and droplet.

Chikis and Bimbo: my ultimate partners in crime.

Titan-obsessed: getting my adrenaline fix from “Attack on Titan”

Traveling soul: stamped passports from Russia to Italy, and craving more!

Poop, the affectionate nickname: because love comes in quirky titles, courtesy of my hubby.

Want to know more?